It is a unique Topical Formulation for treatment and cure of Keloids and scar or discoloration of skin which are occurred due to burns or wounds.


We offer Dr. Mandora’s Supra Cream which is used for faster healing of fresh burn wounds and all other type of cuts and wounds.


Here you will find our treatment results

About Us

All-in-one name for unique products, influential result and competitive price is Dr. Mandora’s Pharma. Ayurveda have always caught the attention of the globe for its unbelievable treatments and it is the oldest medicinal system in the world! As we look upon Ayurveda as a principle always longed to deliver better quality and better service. This has all been happening just because of the Midas touch of Late Dr. Shivnath Mandora. He was an eminent expert good at Ayurvedic methods. After accomplishment of the Graduation in Ayurveda Medicine from Mumbai University, practice of the 53 years he experienced amazing results of some herbs and plants to cure skin injuries. So his talent got fuel to conceive the formulation of the extraordinary products. His extreme diligence made the products effective and attractive.

Our two products strike a chord in the market. 1. Dr. Mandora’s Kelo Klin Cream & 2. Dr.Mandora’s Supra Antiseptic Cream.

Thousands of patients have taken advantage of the comprehensive treatment for wounds that do not heal, diabetic ulcerations, other chronic and troubling wounds that can lead to infections, burn injury, bed-sores (pressure ulcer) & keloids & scars from the revolutionary products. The next generation of Dr. Mandora’s Pharma successfully shouldered the responsibility of the administration, Mr. Sachindra Mandora who completed M.Pharm from NDMVP’S College Of Pharmacy, Nasik.